He fell in love with Guitar at the age of 8, when his mom enrolled him in music lessons. His dedication, hard work and extreme hours of practice with his instrument, gave him the opportunity to be around well known musicians, and earned him a place in a kids worship band at church. 

In his 20s he decided to take music even more seriously by deepening his music theory knowledge. He enrolled in school, at the same time enjoyed playing at local restaurants and coffee shops, and,  started to write his own songs. His passion and ability with rock, blues and Jazz styles have made him a versatile guitarist. The electric guitar, including effects pedals, and fun gadgets are "like family" to him! 

After marrying Ms. Edna, he joined the effort in completing an album, forecasted to release in late 2015. His participation as Executive producer and song writer have expanded his experience in the recording world.

Mr. Ricky shares his full time job with the joy of teaching guitar to beginner to advance guitar students.