We are a Music Teaching Studio based in San Diego California and Baja, Mexico. Our purpose is to spread the love of beautiful music within our community, in all of its styles, through quality teaching.

We promise you will receive exceptional teaching, to meet your musical goals. We value your time and investment. You will receive personalized attention, with lessons customized for you. 

We offer lessons filled with technique, theory, and all the tools you will need to enhance your learning. As well as fun-filled lessons where you can relax and enjoy. And, don't forget, you will be challenged in your musical ability, in order to take you to a higher lever in your musicianship!



I’ve had the best experience with Viva La Musica Studio. Vocal coach Edna is the sweetest and amazing person I’ve ever worked with. Edna would always be ready to go as soon as I walked in the door and knew what she had planned for the day. She does above and beyond to make sure we are learning. Quality of work was great and location is convenient. I would recommend Viva La Musica Studio to everyone.
— M. Macias. Voice Student